Synaflex Rubber Products Company - SiliconeThe most outstanding characteristic of Silicone rubber is the retention or its many desirable properties over the very wide temperature range of -148º F to 600º F (-100º C to 315º C). It's impervious to water and oil, and has chemical and fuel resistance at temperatures which precludes the use of other chemical resistant elastomers, with the possible exception of fluoroelastomers. It has great electrical properties, and retains dielectric strength, power factor and insulation resistance over its wide temperature range. It has good weathering resistance; sunlight, ozone, oxygen, bacteria, fungus, soil chemicals, etc. have very little deteriorating effect.

Synaflex's state-of-the-art synchronized extrusion & continuous cure systems enable us to produce extruded profiles to extremely close tolerances and exacting specifications. Continuous lengths or spliced parts from silicone extrusions are our forte.

Homogeneous, fabric reinforced and bonded-to-metal silicone moldings are time-tested custom made products also available from Synaflex.

Our entire Silicone Department is "housed" in a separate air-conditioned building to prevent contamination from outside sources. Quality products are the result of this magnificent facility.


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