Extruded Rubber

Custom Rubber Parts:

Extruded Rubber Products

An extruded rubber product differs from a molded rubber product. The uncured rubber is forced through a die of the desired cross-section under pressure from an extruder. The extruded product is then vulcanized, or cured, in a heated pressure vessel known as an autoclave. Extruded parts can be made in sizes ranging from 1/8″ in diameter to a rectangular cross-section of up to 6″ by 12″. Lengths can be continuous up to 60 feet.

Small Rubber Extrusions:
  • Synaflex can produce almost any profile in any color or compound.
  • Synaflex can vulcanize small extrusions up to 60′ straight lengths or greater amounts when coiled.
  • For small extrusions, wall thickness must be at least 1/8″.
Large Rubber Extrusions:
  • Synaflex does not have length minimums, meaning we can tackle small runs for replacement/refurbishment or repair needs.
  • Synaflex can vulcanize large extrusions up to 50′ in straight lengths or greater amounts when coiled.
Extruded Rubber

Custom Extruded Rubber

Synaflex has the ability to extrude straight lengths of rubber as large as 6" by 12" in almost any shape and size.

The Extrusion Process:

Uncured rubber is fed into an extruder that forces rubber out of a common exit point.

As rubber passes through the common exit point, it passes through a die that is the desired shape of the product and then enters a water bath for cooling.

Once the rubber has been transformed into the desired shape, the rubber is taken to an autoclave for the curing process.
When Quality Matters

Users turn to Synaflex!

Quality assurance is the single most important subject at Syanflex.

Every batch of mixed rubber undergoes rigorous testing in our laboratory to ensure that it meets all of the physical requirements before being released to production. Quality control checks are made at various points throughout the production process to ensure that our customers receive products that meet their specifications.