Molded Rubber

Custom Rubber Parts:

Molded Rubber Products

As one of the cornerstones of our business, our molded rubber products include those made by both compression and transfer molding. These can all be made into homogenous, fabric-reinforced, or rubber-to-metal products.

Unique capabilities include our ability to manufacture unusually large, fully molded parts in one of our 84″ x 108″ molding presses. Equally unique is our ability to furnish custom molded sheets (for gasket cutting) in most elastomers for most military and industrial applications.

Synaflex can make molded rubber parts from the very smallest to largest in a variety of colors and compounds. Just give us a drawing or sketch, or even an old part, and we’ll take it from there!”

rubber molds
Custom Molded Parts

With more than 60 press machines, Synaflex can create almost any type of custom molded rubber product you can think of.

One of Largest Presses Available in U.S.

With its 12” x 12" to 84” x 108" dimensional capabilities, Synaflex has the one of the largest presses available for custom part manufacturing in the U.S.


Synaflex can bond rubber to metal surfaces.

Compression & Transfer Molding

Synaflex uses compress and transfer molding where the combination of heat pressure and time essentially cooks the rubber into its final vulcanized shape.
When Quality Matters

Users turn to Synaflex!

Quality assurance is the single most important subject at Syanflex.

Every batch of mixed rubber undergoes rigorous testing in our laboratory to ensure that it meets all of the physical requirements before being released to production. Quality control checks are made at various points throughout the production process to ensure that our customers receive products that meet their specifications.