Rubber-Covered Rolls

Custom Rubber Parts:

Rubber-Covered Rolls & Wheels

Synaflex can apply rubber covering, using virtually every known elastomer, on steel rolls with an outside diameter of up to 16 inches and a length of 14 feet, including journals. Special surface finishes can be applied so that the roll meets your exact specifications. 

Rubber Bonding
Custom Covering

Synaflex has the ability to to apply rubber covering at exact specifications.

In these Processes:

The calendared rubber is transferred to either a roll, wheel or metal mandrel and built up to a desired thickness.

The roll, wheel, or mandrel is then placed in one of our autoclaves and the rubber is vulcanized.

After removed and cooled, the part is ground down to a specific thickness and then cut into segments, if lathe cut gaskets are being made.
When Quality Matters

Users turn to Synaflex!

Quality assurance is the single most important subject at Syanflex.

Every batch of mixed rubber undergoes rigorous testing in our laboratory to ensure that it meets all of the physical requirements before being released to production. Quality control checks are made at various points throughout the production process to ensure that our customers receive products that meet their specifications.