Manufacturing Capabilities

Synaflex is proud to offer a broad range of manufacturing capabilities including compounding (or mixing) material, tool and die manufacturing, molding, extrusions, rubber-covered rolls and wheels, lathe-cut gaskets, silicone parts, and more.

Synaflex's In-House Lab:

Compounding Division

Taking high quality unvulcanized rubber and other ingredients, Synaflex creates customized rubber compounds formulated specifically to best meet the performance conditions your project requires. With our Compound Division and in-house chemist, we can create a rubber compound specifically for you and we control the most important part of the process – the rubber component.  

On Site

Synaflex compounds its own rubber for production needs on site using various raw materials and additives.


With more than 5,000 custom compounds, Synaflex can produce the necessary materials that meet your specific needs.
rubber compound materials

Machine Shop Division

Synaflex has its own in-house machine shop that creates tooling for specific jobs – a more economical tooling option coupled with a faster turnaround time than industry standards. 

  • Need a specific shape matched? No problem. New molds are created in-house to meet the specific shapes needed.
  • Synaflex can also maintain existing molds in-house to improve longevity.
  • We have the ability to offer fully molded corners if desired.
  • Tooling lead times are shorter due to our in-house abilities
  • We manufacture specialized drill bits for ease of precision placement of high quality holes on the job site.
Full on-site vertical integration:

Molding & Splicing Division


Synaflex has the equipment, know-how, and quick manufacturing capabilities for the most demanding timeframes.


With more than 60 active presses, featuring sizes 12”-square to 84”x108,” Synaflex can create almost any type of custom molded rubber product you can think of.

Need a seal clad with Teflon®? No problem. Synaflex has the knowledge and expertise to supply gate seals with Teflon® cladding which is added during the molding process.
Custom Rubber Molds
Rubber Made and tested in USA

Rigorous Testing

Commitment to quality:

  • Our in-house lab daily tests 100% of all of our production compounds prior to the release of material for production to ensure quality in every job.
  • Synaflex can issue material certification on any order, when requested, to give you and your customer peace of mind that the specified compound with desired properties has been provided.
  • We also offer identification services free of charge. If you have a compound that needs to be identified, just send us a sample and we will identify the polymer for you.
Custom Rubber Parts

Manufacturing Capabilities

Over the last 50 years, Synaflex has developed thousands of custom made parts used in multiple industry applicatons worldwide. Because of our long tenure, Synaflex has developed several product lines and manufacturing expertise that can meet almost any custom need that you can imagine.